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Fuels a 53% improvement in Speed to Results in Nuix

In March 2019, a top AmLaw firm purchased Rampiva to enhance their eDiscovery-class Nuix workers. This team had been using Nuix for 9 months and had two team members with several years of prior experience using Nuix.


This experience helped the team drive a speedy internal adoption of Nuix during those first 9 months. They created 84 new cases in that time, working on an average of 3.94 case per day that they used Nuix - and running an average of 5.74 Nuix processing batches on the days they were active in Nuix. All told, the team executed 834 unique processing tasks in Nuix, processing a total of 3.96TB in that 9-month period. Clearly, an established and sophisticated Nuix team.


However, they recognized the operational value that Rampiva brings to even established teams – and, they significant improvement in their Nuix usage patterns within 2 months of purchasing the tool. Using our purpose-build Nuix Metric Extractor, RYABI Group empowered the team to measure the observed impact of Rampiva Automate.


In the 4 months after adopting Rampiva, the team saw a:

  • 77% increase in average monthly Nuix consumption,

  • 21% increase in average number of Nuix Workers used per Load Task,

  • 14% increase in average monthly processed volumes,

  • 29% increase in average monthly Tasks executed in Nuix,

  • 44% decline in average staff time spent executing a Nuix Task,

  • 28% decline in the ratio of data ingested to data exported, and

  • 58% increase in speed to results.


This shows a team that is using more Nuix – AND – using Nuix to do more – more quickly. These improves make them more dynamic to changing workload requirements, reduce the cost of processing, and accelerates the speed to review.