Rampiva Optimization

The RYABI Group's optimization of Rampiva deployments is targeted to specific client priorities.


Leveraging our deep background in Nuix, data processing, and Rampiva, RYABI can:

  • Train your team on Rampiva 

  • Build sophisticated Workflows

  • Design custom Dashboards

  • Advise teams on new Case Strategies

  • Explore expanding Use Cases

  • Show ROI


Rampiva training ensures that teams hit the ground running. This 1 or 2 Day Course covers User Permissions, Workflow Design, Essential Scripts, Case Reporting, Key Metrics, and tricks and tips.

Our training program is designed to ensure your team can capture the full value of Rampiva, quickly and with confidence.


Teams should participate if they want to start automating Nuix ASAP.