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What's New with Rampiva

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

We’re excited to announce that Rampiva has released new versions of their flagship Nuix automation software, Nuix Workflow and Nuix Scheduler.

These products allow Nuix users to build a library of custom workflows to conduct discrete indexing, OCR, imaging, deduplication, search, tag, and export activities, and then schedule those jobs for execution when resources become available.

The new version releases cover three improvements – Rampiva Efficiency, Nuix License Management, and Metrics Tracking:

Improving Rampiva Efficiency

Workflow Template Library

This feature helps clients get started with Rampiva by providing them with example Workflows for routine eDiscovery activity. Clients are encouraged to customize these templates as appropriate.

Managing Jobs by Client/Matter

This feature allows users to assign jobs to client- or matter- specific workflows. This makes it easier for teams to standardize the handling of data for unique requirements.

These changes will help teams scale beyond simple automation. By accelerating adoption, and allowing teams to develop custom workflows for each client and matter, Rampiva is enabling teams to provide high-impact consultative support for their clients.

Improving Nuix License Efficiency

Switching Nuix License for OCR

This feature allows Nuix clients to build a continuous workflow that leverages lower-cost “Production” workers to handle OCR activity while releasing the higher-cost “eDiscovery” workers for indexing or export activity.

Releasing Nuix License for Rampiva Native Activities

Similarly, this feature allows users to release the “eDiscovery” workers while doing work that that leverage computing resources outside of Nuix.

Both enhancements ensure that clients are able to maximize the resources they have available for indexing and exporting data, which helps reduce the average cost of processing each gigabyte.

Improving Metrics Tracking

Performance and Utilization Dashboards

This new feature allows teams to immediately update business intelligence tools with the new performance and utilization metrics of recently completed jobs.

This improvement enables teams to maintain an up-to-the-minute perspective on their operating environment, available capacity, team performance, and departmental value.

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