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New Partnership with Rampiva

Nuix is the premier data processing tool in the eDiscovery and digital forensics market. However, many clients struggle to take full advantage of the product – which increases costs, slows expansion, and frustrates users, buyers, and clients.

Rampiva, Inc. was founded in 2016, specializing in automating the Nuix data processing engine. Their products allow users to build a library of workflows using basic and advanced features to fully automate indexing, OCR, imaging, deduplication, search, and export activity.

The RYABI Group is consulting firm founded in 2017, focused on helping eDiscovery departments adopt, optimize, and expand their Nuix deployments. Thier services allow teams to build real-time dashboards of Nuix performance and utilization, identify opportunities for process improvement or training, and adapt workflows to include new use cases and win business.

This partnership ensures that clients have the Nuix expertise to take full advantage of Rampiva’s automation capabilities.

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