6 Ways Rampiva Automate helps Law Firms adopt Nuix

Nuix is the industry-leading data processing tool for eDiscovery, digital forensics and information governance. It’s fast, it scales, and it’s reliable. Clients include big 4 consulting firms, top service providers, global corporations, and Federal and State law enforcement agencies.

However, penetrating the law firm market has been more challenging. While the company has some marquee firms using the tool, other firms are still on the sidelines.

Rampiva’s automation software can help law firms adopt Nuix by:

- Making it easier for paralegals and non-technical staff to use

One big plus of automation is that users don’t have to understand complex workflows in order to execute them. With Rampiva, non-technical users are able to run advanced processing jobs without extensive training in the Nuix tool itself.

- Reducing the risk of mistakes

In addition to making it easier to run complex jobs, automation also ensures the tasks are done the same way every time. This reduces the chances that a firm’s employee makes a mistake that would impact case strategy or client satisfaction.

- Making the tool more cost-effective

Rampiva lets users schedule jobs in a queue – making it easier to keep jobs running around the clock. Teams can get more work in a 24-hour period, without adding additional staff or shifts.

- Accelerating adoption

Using Nuix for the first time can be hard, particularly if no one on the team has used it in the past. With Rampiva automation, teams get the standard workflows Day 1.

- Improved tracking for management and client-billing

End of the day, firms have to be able to attribute resources back to specific matters and clients. With Rampiva’s Dashboard, critical metrics are tracked in detail, and in real time.

- Operating more complex workflows

Nuix is an awesome piece of software – and it can help mature users get to relevant sets of information really quickly and with a high degree of control. Rampiva makes it easier for new clients to capture that same value by building those complex workflows one time, and then making them available to whole teams.

This approach helps law firms get started with Nuix – with confidence, and without significant overhead.

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