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Increased client's Nuix processing by 21X within 2 months of adoption

In April 2018, A top AmLaw firm purchased Nuix to process eDiscovery data. However, the team did not have any prior experience using Nuix and struggled with adoption.


To accelerate adoption, the firm invested in Rampiva’s Nuix Automation Suite in October 2018. By December, the team saw immediate dramatic gains in utilization, improved throughput, and increased use of advanced Nuix features. The client was able to handle more of the routine work that was being sent to outside providers, without increasing staff or hardware.


The RYABI Group leveraged our purpose-built Nuix Metric Extractor to measure the exact impact of this investment.

  • From April to November, the team had processed 579GB through Nuix. In the following 8 months, using Rampiva, the team processed 10,034GB, a 21X increase.


This boost in utilization was the result of several factors:

  • A 66% increase in the number of days the teams used Nuix;

  • A 44% increase in the number of processing jobs run by the team during an active day;

  • A 151% increase in the number of unique processing tasks executed – deeper analysis showed that the team was doing significantly more OCR and Imaging activity; and

  • A 13.3% increase in Load throughput.


Despite doing more work, the team did not experience a significant increase in staff time spent using Nuix. On average, the team spent 48 minutes using Nuix for each completed Case.


Rampiva helps teams do more work without creating a new burden for teams by eliminating time when workers were “checked out” but not processing data – which means more processing capacity and less time spend checking to see if a Case is done.


This impact was particularly important around Export Activity; the team increased the efficiency of Worker Utilization by 5.85X. By reclaiming this capacity – and enabling Job Queuing – Rampiva helped increase the number of jobs that were started “after hours” by 45%.

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