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Shaping the Future

of Data Processing

Nuix Services

The RYABI Group is a Gold-level Nuix reseller - and the only firm founded by Nuix alumni.

Our experience across dozens of successful deployments ensure that your team will hit adoption targets, achieve ROI, and drive new use-cases.


Rampiva is Nuix's premier automation partner.


Purpose built by users in the field, Rampiva provides an advanced job queuing system and highly customizable workflows.

Clients reclaim staff time, leverage a full 24-hour processing window, and dramatically reduce errors - and paperwork.

Real-time operational data - enhanced case reporting - aggregated across all clients, all matters, all cases, and all processing jobs.

Clients improving billing processes, augment case strategy, A|B test workflow changes, and prove value.

Stop juggling the same Nuix session. 

Restrict access to Cases, Workflows, Search Criteria, and Features by role.

Clients rest easier.

Every minute counts.

Make sure your team is actually using every minute by eliminating downtime, idle-time, and re-does.

Workflow Libraries 


Want to use the most advanced Nuix features?

Unsure how to design for non-Discovery use cases?

Need to start fast?

RYABI Libraries are designed, built, and tested by world-class experts in Nuix and Rampiva. 


Everyone measures cost per gigabyte processed.

What are you missing?

RYABI built operational, managerial, Case, and client Dashboards that accelerate insights and value.

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